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Kubermachines was built to make life easier for developers and innovative companies. We sincerely believe that thanks to our patent pending features, none of the major Cloud Providers can compare with us.

These comparisons address all differences, and are referenced accordingly, to ensure a fair and complete comparison.

Pricing & Resource Allocation Comparison
Price € 179 € 496 € 240 € 289
Runs on Bare Metal Resources 3 VMs 3 VMs 3 VMs
Overhead No Yes Yes Yes
Included Resources CPU + RAM + Disk CPU + RAM CPU + RAM + Disk CPU + RAM
Creation time Fast Slow Slow Slow
Upgrade Time Fast Slow Slow Slow
Reboot-Free Upgrades
Known Hardware Configuration
CPU Latest Intel Xeon Processor Unknown Unknown Unknown
Storage NVMe SSD Unknown SSD SSD
Core Components
Domain Based Deployments
SSL Automation
DNS Automation
Load Balancer Automation
Built in Hostbased Storage
DevOps Features
Docker image support
Native Kubernetes image support
WebHook Services
Release Management
Update Center
Rollback Center
Environment Variables Support
Built in Support for Major CI tools
Optimized Use Cases
Development Environments
Multi-Tenant Environments
Single Tenant Environment
SaaS Environments
SaaS Billing Integration Support

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