Why Kubermachines for Engineers? - Instant Kubernetes Based Environments

Why Kubermachines for Engineers?

Kubermachines was built by technologists for the love of technology.


Kubernetes is great technology, but not a complete solution.

Kubernetes is flexible to accommodate different needs, but requires different tools, lots of repetitive tasks, too much command line, complex configuration files and too easy to get lost. Developers end up experimenting on how to do daily tasks and lose sight on what really matters.

Kubermachines puts Kubernetes to use where it excels, and built the automation and functionalities, so developers save time for the fun part of the job.


Dealing with Kubernetes clusters is fun for the first day, and first day only.

One or two masters? How many slave nodes? Reboot after this change? Will this cause Downtime? These are all valid questions everyone asks, when getting started for real with Kubernetes clusters.

Kubermachines takes care of all the clustering and failover handling, so you can just click to get the environment without the operational hassle. That's our thing.


Running Kubernetes on Virtual Servers or Virtual Machines is a big NO.

Kubernetes works great when running directly on Bare Metal resources, but that is not what all cloud providers provide. Running Kubernetes on Virtual Servers works, but results in overhead and suboptimal resources allocations for your applications.

Kubermachines provides Baremetal resources directly in an isolated Cloud environment, with zero overhead and zero waste on clustering services. What you see is what you get.


Deploying a simple application takes about 5-8 minutes time with command line, and up to 15 minutes to test and validate a deployment.

Deploying an application means lots of steps, clicking, typing, copy-pasting, search and replace routines, not to mention planning and coordinating, prone to all kinds of errors, typos, miscommunication, forgotten steps and so on.

Kubermachines makes deploying tasks a simple straightforward repeatable click task through the user interface, without worrying about something wrong, forgotten or not taken into account. Each deployment is automatically validated, ensuring a fully functional and complete deployment process.


Management of namespaces, pods and network policies starts simple at first, and an inefficient complexity after you just got started.

Namespaces and pods are the basis for resources and network isolations between environments. Network policies form the basis for the security of environments. When you start with a handful of pods, everything is still manageable, but by the time you have a medium sized environment, losing sight over all these pods and network policies becomes a security risk.

Kubermachines handles everything related to resources and network isolation and security, by applying a structured and validated plan, ensuring the stability and security of all deployments in your cloud.


The deployment process deals with different components and, for cloud providers, different products.

Domain based deployments, SSL certificate installations and load balancing are fundamental for any application delivery process, but are lacking in all major cloud providers. In order to add them, cloud providers will force you to add extra steps to buy and configure additional services or products to deploy a production quality and secure application.

Kubermachines provides a fully automated DNS integration solution, with subdomain support, SSL automation for both Let's Encrypt and your own private SSL certificate. On top of that, load balancing is completely free and automated, to ensure a deployment of a secure and highly available application.


Repetitive tasks are no fun, especially when they are unnecessary.

Repetitive tasks are common, especially when dealing with a growing number of application deployments or an application under continuous development, requiring regular updates. This results in many repetitive tasks, requiring focus and accuracy, prone to errors, and no fun for any software developers or maintainers.

Kubermachines eliminates all repetitive tasks, thanks to the built in application logic, uniquely to Kubermachines only, to follow and apply a coherent and strict deployment process and application update process. This removes any hassle stopping you from focusing on creating value, where your time really matters.


Focus on developing your product.

The more time is spent on infrastructure, resources management, maintenance of deployments, uptime, security, failure detection, rollbacks to previous stable states, the less time is available for creating value for your business.

Kubermachines offloads all of the tasks that form a burden for your development cycle, ensuring increased productivity, more focus on your product development and faster time to market. By delivering application improvements faster to the end users, you will create more value to your business and happier customers.


Application maintenance is an enormous day 2 operational task we all hate.

Application maintenance comes in many different ways, application updates, scaling applications in terms of resources allocations, security monitoring, failure detection and resolution, rollbacks and more.

Kubermachines eliminates day 2 operational burdens, by providing direct and scheduled application updates, monitoring and notifications of applications running out of resources, detection of security issues, providing relevant data to resolve failures and providing insight into when a failure occurred and returning the application to the previously stable state.


Full A to Z automation of the deployment process.

Ever wondered how you can deliver different types or editions of the same application image to different client types or end users? Ever thought you could add this to the automation process of your application delivery?

Kubermachines automates more than just the deployment process itself. It also provides an interface for automations in terms of customizing the end product to the client or end user. With built in support for Image Environment Variables, you can deliver the same application image to different customers, with different requirements, features, all with one single application image.

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