Kubermachines - Instant Kubernetes Based Environments

Your own Kubernetes Cloud ready in 30 seconds.

Develop Faster

Instantly create Spaces that automatically sync with your local machine code and run your applications directly in the Cloud.

Fast Time to Market

Get your product up and running for production in a repeatable and simple deployment process, with zero command line.

Deliver Faster

Manage your application releases and roll out application updates faster and more streamlined and worry-free.

No-stress onboarding with Kubermachines.

Don't change anything to your current development stack. Kubermachines works with Jenkins, Gitlab, Docker Registry, DockerHub, Azure Registry, AWS Registry, so you can launch your applications with a few mouse clicks.

Stop managing Kubernetes Cluster nodes. Don't run Kubernetes on Virtual Servers. Stop puzzling for the right configuration.

Kubermachines clouds come with preconfigured resources, with simple and predictable plans.

Upgrade resources whenever needed. No more resources planning.

Built-in features for Releases, Updates, Security and Monitoring. Day 2 operations, check.

Kubermachines eliminate Kubernetes burdens. Just Focus on your business.

With Kubermachines, focus on developing your product, and let us get it up and running in the cloud without leaving the user interface.

Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks

Adding Kubernetes nodes, configuring networking and security of the nodes.

Creating namespaces and pods.

Managing thousands of lines of configuration files (yaml).

Setting up IP addresses in public and private Kubernetes networks, configuring Load balancers.

Figuring out how to do storage for your applications, whether it is local storage or distributed storage.

Kubermachines eliminates all of this, and more..

No more day 2 overhead. Focus on building your product and gaining new clients

Organize your releases and versioning with our Release Manager.

Release updates faster, and perform or schedule fully automated application updates easily.

Detect application failures and automated recoveries, with the Rollback Center.

What does Kubermachines automate for you ?

Deployment of applications

Creation of pods, replicas, containers and namespaces is completely automated. No need to configure clusters or call for experts to help with Kubernetes.

Network Settings

With the built-in Load Balancers, security, reliability and high availability are a given. Any subdomain Kubermachines creates, is automatically routed and load balanced thanks to the integrated DNS automation.

Authentication Settings

The automation of setting login authentication settings for your end users, and automatically returning the login to you or your customers upon deployment.

Per deployment customization

When deploying an application, add or set specific variables, such as application editions or limits, to ensure that every application deployment is deployed according to your own or customer's needs.

Billing integration

When you are providing SaaS, you can offer your product with instant automated provisioning, by letting Kubermachines deploy the application based on the subdomain selected by the client as well as the application edition or limits.


Simplify maintenance of applications. With the built-in Webhook services, Release Management, Update and Rollback Centers, the daily workflow of Developers, DevOps and Testers is automated resulting in time savings upto 90%.


See how Kubermachines changes your application delivery game to build and deliver faster.
Price starting from € 179 € 496 € 240 € 289
Deployment time 30s 300s 300s 300s
Cluster Creation and Upgrades 10s 2+m 3+m 3+m
DNS Automation
Load Balancer Automation
Release Management
Update Center
Rollback Center

Stop wasting time on uptime issues, deployments, configuration, security and performance for your Kubernetes.

Kubermachines eliminates all this by taking care of all the Kubernetes complexities and management aspects. Just choose the plan with the right cloud resources. Kubermachines will deliver these resources in a fully managed Kubernetes cluster combined with our self-service user interface so you can get started immediately. Learn More

Choose Your Plan and Get Started

Prepaid plans to easily budget your resources and wipe out unexpected costs.


3 Month Trial 0

Unlimited Number of Kubernetes Deployments

  • 4 vCPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 40 GB DISK


Starting from 34

Unlimited Number of Kubernetes Deployments

  • from 6 vCPU
  • from 12 GB RAM
  • from 200 GB DISK


If you love what you see and hate reading, just contact us directly or sign up for our service and get started!

Not exactly, we provide infrastructure coupled with a fully managed kubernetes environment, built from the ground up to deliver highly available hosting of applications.
Yes, we provide you a user friendly UI, where you can define your applications and deploy your applications in a simple way, without requiring any knowledge of kubernetes or any command line tools.
No, on the contrary, Kubermachines integrates with all major CI and Docker Registries, so that you can keep your development process as it is. It will only integrate by retrieving your application and deploy it.
Simply sign up and find out how easy it is to let Kubermachines help you deploy and maintain your applications, without any technical know how. Contact us if you have any questions!

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