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How easy is it to deploy an Application?

With Kubermachines, deploying Kubernetes-based applications is extremely easy, secure and streamlined, thanks to simple and straightforward sets of principles, lacking in other Kubernetes container managers.

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    Define your Application Template by source. We support the widely used Docker Private Registry, GitLab Registry as well as other public registries such as DockerHub.

Application Template
Container Pacakge
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    Assign the necessary amount of vCPU, Memory and Storage into a Container Package.

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    Create your Application Package by selecting one or multiple Application Templates, setting up their environment variables, choosing a Container Package and defining the right network configuration.

Application Package
Container Pacakge
  • Now that all the Templates and Packages are defined, deploy the application as many times as you wish without having to repeat this process each deployment.
    Kubermachines will pull the images, setup the load balancers, create the namespace, apply strict network and security policies, create the containers and start your Application within seconds. Upon completion, you can click the URL of the deployment through the (sub)domain or the IP you chose!

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