FAQ - Instant Kubernetes Based Environments


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Not exactly, we provide infrastructure coupled with a fully managed kubernetes environment, built from the ground up to deliver highly available hosting of applications.
Yes, we provide you a user friendly UI, where you can define your applications and deploy your applications in a simple way, without requiring any knowledge of kubernetes or any command line tools.
No, on the contrary, Kubermachines integrates with all major CI and Docker Registries, so that you can keep your development process as it is. It will only integrate by retrieving your application and deploy it.
Simply sign up and find out how easy it is to let Kubermachines help you deploy and maintain your applications, without any technical know how. Contact us if you have any questions!
No! Unlike the other cloud providers, we actually provide you an isolated Cloud inside our fully managed Kubernetes cluster. Save time and money and just buy the resources you need to run your applications!
Yes, you can run any application image that runs on native Docker or Kubernetes. It will run the same way it runs on your desktop or server with containers.
Yes! In fact, most of our customers love the fact that you can have multiple isolated environments. One for production environment, and one for each developer in the team for example.
Simple, if you have a docker image, you can deploy your first application in less than 5 minutes!
Just contact us. We know Kubernetes inside out. We love to make it work for everyone, so we can certainly provide you help. If you do not have an image yet, we will assist you with the pipeline and build process, so you have your application running the same day!
Yes, we will provide you with configuration examples for your development pipelines. We can even provide you with sample code to see how easy it is to get started with Kubermachines.
We provide help with getting you started. For any advanced technical support tasks, we provide hourly support for helping you with the development and CI process, as well as pipelines, Image creation and other level 3 technical support queries. This gives your organization the peace of mind for a worriless cloud service, at any time and for any step of your application delivery process.
Should you have any further questions about Kubermachines, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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