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What is a Kubermachine?

It is a Kubernetes Cloud running on our fully managed Kubernetes Cluster, built from the ground up for uptime and performance.

A Kubermachine is provisioned within 10 seconds, comes with a certain amount of CPU, Memory and Storage, with security and ease of use in mind. You can upgrade your Kubermachine instantly, without worrying about adding extra nodes rebooting nodes, or moving around containers. Everything is managed for you.

Your very own Kubermachine comes with a self-service UI, allowing you to deploy applications with a few mouse clicks. The process handles DNS, Load balancing, Security and gets your application running in 30 seconds. Sounds great?

Orchestration with your existing processes

No scripting or integration required, Kubermachines is compatible with all major CI environments. Code, build and release you apps using your current CI tools and deploy applications without needing to have prior knowledge in Kubernetes commands. The switch to Kubermachines is easy and seamless and will spare you the time spent learning and getting used to new interfaces.

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