Application Release Management

Release Management is the process of managing, planning, (quality) controlling and release scheduling of software releases. Release Management is a relatively new, but fundamental discipline within the software development cycle.

Kubermachines Release Manager comes with support for:

  • Grouping releases by tag, such as INTERNAL, TESTING, STABLE or any tag name of your choice.
  • Set a default tag for any releases automatically created through the Webhook service.
  • Allow a fully controlled process before releases are tagged by certain tags, such as STABLE, to ensure proper quality validation.
  • Webhook integration with support for Dockerhub, private Docker Registry public Registry and Gitlab Registry for automated releases creation and default tagging.

Find out how Kubermachines reduced all unnecessary overhead for your development and DevOps team and eliminates any day2 operational burdens.

Did you know that Kubermachines also simplifies the whole deployment process, eliminating any need for a command line interface and complex file configurations, instead providing a simple straightforward process fully UI based.

Kubermachines application deployment takes away all the necessary validation of applications ensuring an application deployment succeed in most cases, if no bug or failure exists within the application. In case of application updates, Kubermachines keeps track of all changes and automatically reverts to the old stable state in case of any application failures. When there are resources lacking, Kubermachines will automatically detect this before applying any change. Kubermachines does not allow any broken or incorrect network or configuration changes due to the extensive validation and consistency built into it's deployment process.