Free Plan

Our free plan gets you started without obligations, KuberBalancer loves you and if your application grows, KuberBalancer grows with you.

Scale your application horizontally, without worrying about limits in network or backends, KuberBalancer just listens to any demand to growth.

Highly available

Reach your uptime objectives without worrying about downed backends or monitoring, KuberBalancer handles all failures and recoveries for you.

SSL Support

Stop worrying about how to setup SSL certificates or renewing Let's encrypt every three months, KuberBalancer takes care of everything for you.

Click & Run

No configuration files or going through how-tos to get something half cooked running, KuberBalancer is a click away and up and running in 5 seconds.

Works everywhere

Whether you have your cluster or backends running on Kubernetes or a VM from any environment or any cloud provider, KuberBalancer does what it does best.


KuberBalancer FREE

KuberBalancer PLUS

Domain Shared Own
IP Address Shared Dedicated
Max Rules 2 20
Network 1Gbps 10Gbps
Price Free Free*
(*) : After approving a submitted request sent via email


Absolutely No! The service is provided completely for free (max 3 free plans per client). We will provide technical support, with no obligation to use the paid KuberBalancer PLUS plan. Of course, while your business grows, and you require more advanced features such as your own dedicated IP or using your own domain, or additional rules, we are happy to have you use the KuberBalancer PLUS plan.
Yes! Whether you are using it for Kubernetes containers, Virtual Machines or even websites, as long as you can define the destination IP or Domain with the corresponding service ports, the KuberBalancer will be able to distribute the load accordingly.
A rule is a load balancing rule consisting of an entry point coupled with a destination where the load is routed to. When you have two rules, it implies having one entry point load balanced across two backend servers.
Yes, we would love to discuss your requirements and advice you on how you can enjoy from all the benefits that KuberBalancer provides. Contact and we will make sure any of your questions are answered.