Containers have a fundamental impact on the way companies build and run applications on the cloud. Kubernetes is the most popular container orchestration platform. With more companies switching to Kubernetes, more companies discover how the containerization trend is not as simple as it looks beforehand.

This document addresses the main reason why Kubernetes is bad for production environments. The consensus is that Kubernetes does help standardize some steps for the production applications deployments but lacks many fundamental maintenance tools and features to cover all aspects of a long-term stable application environment.

It also addresses the main reasons for companies to migrate to Kubernetes, saving time in deploying and maintaining applications, without taking into consideration that Kubernetes in the short term, takes more time to become familiar and to get working correctly for the business, than most companies expect.

By understanding the common issues around Kubernetes for production environments in this document, you can become more familiar with what aspects to focus on, create reasonable expectations, allocate the right skills and time for your team to become familiar and understand what parts of Kubernetes require expert advice and planning.